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MonoImplant Dental System

Monoimplant One-Piece Implants are designed by Novodent SA with its main production plant based in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.
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Monoimplant One-Piece Implants are designed by Novodent SA with its main production plant based in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. Swiss made Monoimplant products delivered to Europe, Asia and many other countries with the wide distributor network. It aims to consistently provide high-quality products at a reasonable cost manufactured according to Swiss precision while using only the most sophisticated machinery. Qualified and well-experienced international teams handle production and distribution processes in compliance with international standards of quality.


Types Of Implants
Monoimplants are manufactured from biocompatible Grade 5 Titanium ELI with high quality and great strength. The system has a wide variety of implants with different diameters and lengths.
Smooth Mono Implant


Smooth surface with an aggressive form is ideal for immediate fixation in the extraction socket for D3 and D4 bone types.

Rough Mono Implant


RBM surface with calcium phosphate treatment. Their slim and less aggressive bodies are suitable for D1 and D2 bone types.



Hybrid implant combines the features and benefits of both (Rough) implant and (Smooth) implant, such that the upper part of this implant is treated like (Rough) type to stimulate Osseointegration.



Bendable neck (to be used after pre-drilling and preparation with bone-expanding screw). Suitable for bridges in the reduced-load range (no individual tooth restorations).


The Monoimplant system is a one-piece, specially designed implant that connects to the bone from its apical and has excellent primary stability due to support from its connection to the cortical bone. Monoimplants can withstand greater force because of the integrated superstructure. The system is free from neck fractures, screw loosening and screw breakages with its one-piece structure.

  • Immediate loading
  • Improved platform
  • Special design
  • RBM surface
  • Extraordinary stability with all bone types
  • Optimized dimensions


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