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Interventions for replacingmissing teeth: different types of

dental implants (Review)

Esposito M, Ardebili Y,Worthington HV


Marginal bone loss around dental implants with and without

microthreads in the neck: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Wenzhi Niu, DMD, MSD, Penglai Wang, DMD, MSD, Shaoyue Zhu, DMD,

Zongxiang Liu, DMD, and Ping Ji, DMD, MSD


The effect of thread pattern upon implant osseointegration

Heba Abuhussein, Giorgio Pagni, Alberto Rebaudi, Hom-Lay Wang


Identification card and codification of the chemical and morphological characteristics of 62 dental implant

surfaces. Part 1: description of the Implant Surface Identification Standard (ISIS) codification system

David M. Dohan Ehrenfest, Marco Del Corso, Byung-Soo Kang,

Philippe Leclercq, Ziv Mazor, Robert A. Horowitz, Philippe Russe,

Hee-Kyun Oh, De-Rong Zou, Jamil Awad Shibli, Hom-Lay Wang,

Jean-Pierre Bernard, and Gilberto Sammartino.