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A way to solve 80% of cases by ordering just 1 code




All-in-One Kit includes all the components for the procedure

All-in-One Kit contains 1x

• Paradigma® Implant • Titanium closure cap • Titanium healing cap* • Plastic transfer (closed tray technique)

• 0° Esthetic abutment transmucosal h 1,8 mm* • Definitive abutment screw gold-color • Plastic castable abutment

• Implant laboratory analog • Laboratory abutment screw blue-colour

(*size vary with implant diameter)





A Healing Screw

B Closure Screw

C Paradigma® Implant






Lab Screw

Lab Analog

Calcinable Abutment






Esthetic Abutment

Plastic Impression Transfer

Definitive Screw




All-in-One Kit sample